Stay Vital Now - Guarantee

What about the warranty?                                                
Stay Vital Now is the only product that offers a trial Special, no other lose weight product offer this. Our guarantee is unique! If you are not satisfied with Stay Vital Now then you send your order simply back and we will give you money back for the still unopened packing that you have left ( minus shipping costs ).

No questions, it is the Stay Vital Now warranty!

How can we ensure this?
We are so confident of our product that we are able to offer you this warranty. If we were not sure that this product can work for you, then we could not offer such a guarantee like this!

I am not satisfied with the product
if you are not satisfied with the product, you can use our money back guarantee by simple fill in the contact form and indicate why you are not satisfied.

Return Policy
The return process is simple; you have 30 days starting one week after you placed the order. If you are not satisfied with Stay Vital Now within this period, and you have seen no improvement then you can just simply send your order back and we will refund the still unopened packaging/Blisters to your account.

So if you are not satisfied and you have ordered for example one packaging (6 blisters) of which you have four open/used and two unopened we will reimburse the amount of the two still unopened packaging/Blisters minus the shipping cost. However, we make one condition that you have tried the product at least 14 days.

The Stay Vital Now Privacy Guarantee
We always send our products 100 % discreet and respect your privacy , therefore there will never be advertising on the packaging stand next to the name of the company “Global Health Supplements“.

we strive to ship your orders within 2 working days via POSTNL (Europe 4 to 5 days). Unfortunately it is not possible to send to a PO Box, so make sure you have the correct delivery address information passes.

Why the competitions fear our warranty?
Our competitors are not able to offer the same warranty, watch imitation! We let you try our lose weight product fully to the test, none of our competitor can match it!

Date of last adjustment 10-07-2019

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