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Main use: Anti-Aging
Market Name: Stay Vital Now

Method of Intake: 3 capsules per day with sufficient water, for optimal results we recommend to take one capsule for breakfast, lunch and one for dinner.
The Stay Vital Now Anti-aging capsules can be used from 1 to 6 months, the longer the cure the more result you will experience. Use stay Vital Now every month and stay young and youthful.

How does Stay Vital Now work?

Because the body is not able to absorb vitamins and nutrients as quickly as possible, the typical food intake of the body produces such substances only to a limited extent. Stay Vital Now can be used to compensate this problem and even significantly improve it.

The function of Stay Vital Now

gives the body exactly what it needs. Vitamins and nutrients in sufficient form. The product is a very special combination of all the important components, which the body needs for the daily "effort". In addition, the product supports the cell formation, which is mainly visible on and around the skin. A younger skin that is tightened is a typical feature of this situation.

What should you know about the ingredients?

Many products are enriched with artificial fabrics. However, the body cannot effectively absorb and implement it. Therefore, Stay Vital Now uses pure plant substances known from the body and can therefore be converted directly. This is an important point that STay Vital Now clearly distinguishes from many other products.

How to proceed with the application of stay Vital Now?

Ideally, Stay Vital Now should be used during or before the meal. The product is simply delivered to the body, just like the food itself. It is also possible to take the product with you at Stay Vital Now. You don't necessarily have to link this to a meal. This is just a recommendation. Dosage is an important factor for succesHoewel the dosage is prescribed exactly by the manufacturer, this does not mean that Stay Vital Now also overdose is possible. If the quantities are too large, the body simply separates the excess substances. This would, however, mean that the product is wasted here. It is therefore necessary to adhere to the manufacturer's specifications in order to be able to work effectively with the product.

What should be considered with taking Stay Vital Now?

Taking Stay Vital Now must always be carried out with sufficient fluid so that the body can quickly absorb the product. Again, this is just a recommendation. Of course you can also use the product without tools such as water or something like that, take it.

Can Stay Vital Now show more successes?

Many users have already published their experience on the Internet, which gives the user a very good insight into the effectiveness of Stay Vital Now. The success story has been so long that it cannot be discussed in detail here. Therefore the reports of the users are particularly recommendable, which are free to use or read on the Internet.

Fake or really works-the question of all the questions

Stay Vital Now really works. That's no secret anymore. This is not a counterfeit product.

Ingredients: Per 1 capsule
L-Arginine 75mg:or arginine base is the free form of the amino acid L-arginine without additional added chemical groups. It is converted into the body into a chemical called nitric oxide. Nitrogen oxide causes blood vessels to become more widespread, which provides better blood circulation. L-Arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body. L-Arginine is necessary in the body to produce proteins. L-Arginine base quickly dissolves in hot water and slightly slower in cold water. It has a characteristic unpleasant bitter taste.
L-Glutamine 74,75mg: Like other amino acids, glutamine acid biochemical is an important component of proteins. It is also important for the preservation of healthy cells and tissues, supports kidney function by creating ammonium and as a source for cellular energy. Normally, an average person with a normal diet has sufficient glutamine acid in the body. But in certain medical conditions, taking a glutamine supplement can be useful. Injuries, surgical interventions, infections and long-term stress, among others, can lead to a severe reduction of glutamine acid levels.
L-Glycine 74,75mg: glycine has several positive properties. In addition to breaking down glucose and fats, Glycine is also good for maintaining both a healthy central nervous system as well as healthy digestion.
L-lysine hydrochloride 65mg: lysine increases the intestinal absorption of calcium and eliminates excretion by the kidneys, which is beneficial for the preservation of strong bones. When combined, lysine and arginine can significantly accelerate the bone healing by improving collagen production, increasing blood flow and circulation, and replenishing growth factors.
L-ornithine monohydrochloride 15mg: is a non-essential α-amino acid produced in the liver from arginine. The amino acid plays an important role in the removal of ammonia, which is the cause of the breakdown of proteins. In the breakdown of proteins, ammonia is derived, which is to be removed from the body because of its neurotoxic effect. In the urea cycle, nitrogen and ammonia are removed from the body through the formation of urea excreted through the urine. Ornithine is a major intermediate substance. Ornithine possesses a chain-shaped structure with five carbon atoms. It contains two thiol and therefore belongs to the group of alkaline amino acids. Unlike most other amino acids, ornithine is not a building block of proteins. It is precursor of polyamines.
L-tyrosine 50mg: tyrosine helps in tension, helps to breathe more freely through the nose, in case of fatigue, supports a healthy night's sleep. Tyrosine is also good for maintaining a good state of mind, staying clear in spirit, improving concentrations, maintaining normal blood pressure and improving memory, L-tyrosine can also be effective in strengthening muscles and is good For the nervous system.
L-Valine 20mg: Valine is an essential amino acid that is necessary for a good working nervous system and for cognitive functioning. It is one of the three branched chain amino acids or BCAA's. The other existing branched chain amino acids are leucine and isoleucine. These branched chain amino acids are often taken together in the form of a BCAA supplement.
Gamma-Aminobutyric acid 40mg: FROM GABA It is also said that it raises the level of productive alpha waves in the brain, causing a state of heightened focus and ' mental flow ' to be generated. GABA is an easy supplement to increase strength and muscle growth in the gym, as it stimulates the growth of muscle/(lean) muscular mass with sports. It has been used for a long time by weightlifters because of its ability to improve athletic performance and because it helps in losing fat. GABA maintains normal blood pressure. GABA stimulates a natural, healthy sleep and is beneficial in exciting times. GABA is a natural relaxing remedy. It is the second most common neurotransmitter in our brain and is vital for proper functioning of the brain. GABA helps in mental pressure and exertion and gives weak nerves a feeling of calmness. It helps with varying moods during the menstrual cycle. It improves concentration and helps to stay focused. GABA is good for maintaining supple joints and promotes endurance and fitness in physical performance.
Lecithin E322 (i) 25mg: because lecithin contains fosfatidylcholines, it is a source of choline, an essential nutrient. Lecithin is good for lowering cholesterol levels. Soy protein provides an additional incentive for people who use it for lowering cholesterol levels because of other components that soy provides. Lecithin helps to keep the mind clear and stay focused. It also has a positive effect on the liver and gallbladder. Lecithin is good for mental equilibrium and helps in mental pressure and exertion.
Beta carotene/provitamin A1,00mg: Vitamin A is harmful to health if there is a deficiency, but also if it is taken in abundance. Retinoic acid is needed to maintain the normal structure and function of epiteelweefsel and mucosal tissues. These tissues tremor themselves in the lungs, trachea, skin, oral cavity and digestive system. Vitamin A, and most other retinoids, are highly toxic when taken in high doses because the body is unable to excrete them properly. ' Hypervitaminose A ' is a condition that originates from this. Extreme intake of carotenoids does not lead to disease.
Vitamin B3 Flush-free niacin 4,00mg: Vitamin B3 is essential in the food digestion (citric acid cycle (Krebs cycle), glucose tolerance factor, digestion of carbohydrates). Vitamin B3 helps the body in excreting toxins, assists antioxidants.
 niacin PLAYS a role in DNA repair: A deficiency is directly associated WITH damage to the DNA. Niacin counteracts The breakdown of fats, reducing the amount of free fats in the blood. It helps lower cholesterol levels. And it keeps the blood vessels clean and elastic.
 locally applying niacinamide purifies the skin and creates a good flora on the skin. And it supports the restoring ability of the skin. It promotes skin elasticity and the treatment of wrinkles. It could also help in the onset of insulin dependence.
Vitamin B5 1,50mg: Vitamin B5 is known as the ' anti-stress vitamin ', the vitamin ensures the recovery of the supply of stress hormones (which help in the metabolism). In addition, the vitamin is valuable in maintaining the muscles, healthy skin and nerves. Vitamin B5 helps the joints to keep supple and helps with morning stiffness. A deficiency of vitamin B5 usually takes place in combination with a lack of other B-complex vitamins. A deficiency of vitamin B5 can cause a large number of symptoms. Almost all symptoms can be fought by supplementing the shortage of pantothenic acid.
Vitamin C-Ascorbic acid 20mg: good for the most direct risk of a vitamin C deficiency is scurvy. Although this condition is rare, the effects of this disease are severe and may occur even sudden death. Vitamin C is essential in the production of collagen. Collagen is essential for connective tissue, tendons and cartilage. Vitamin C works by stimulating and protecting the immune system from damage that free radicals make, in particular the free radicals that the body releases in the fight against infections. Vitamin C stimulates healthy oxygen transport, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and is good for maintaining healthy blood pressure. Vitamin C supports the healing ability of the skin and helps in the absorption of iron. People who suffer from asthma, arthritis, cancer, diabetes and heart disease have much lower vitamin C blood values than healthy people, so additional supplements are recommended for these groups.
Vitamin D2 0,50mg: when it is created in the kidneys circulates calcitriol as hormone. It regulates among other matters the concentration of calcium and phosphate in the bloodstream, promotes healthy mineralisation, growth and recovery of bones, and it counteracts calcium deficiency in the blood. Vitamin D also plays a role in sharpening neuromuscular function and immune system, and it increases the activity of "natural killer" cells (NK cells). A deficiency of vitamin D can lead to thin, brittle or deformed bones.
Vitamin E 6,00mg: Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and thus protects the cells, blood vessels, organs, eyes and tissue. Vitamin E also plays a role in controlling the metabolism in the cell.
Selenomethionine 2, 75mg: Selenium is an antioxidant that is present in every human cell and it is essential for maintaining a healthy body. This naturally occurring substance usually occurs in the liver, kidneys, testicles, pancreas and spleen. It helps to limit the activities of free radicals, which are harmful to the body. Selenium stimulates the release of an enzyme called glutathione peroxidase, peroxides that can eliminate essential lipids.
Box pod/Astragalus 30mg: Astragalus can increase the energy levels, increase endurance and stimulate the immune system. It supports recovery and strengthening after illness. Astragalus promotes the (natural) body cells ' resistance system.
Stalked Ganoderma 15mg: For Thousands of years, the Chinese and Japanese Reishi mushrooms Have been advised to support liver function, to keep the joints supple and to lubricate the joints. It is also used to promote the immune system. Reishi mushrooms are seen in China as the ' Medicine of Kings ' and ' Elixir of life ' and are still used to give energy, balanced in stress situations and to strengthen vitality.
Mango Stone 40mg: It is believed that the Mango Mangosteen contains one of the highest sources of edible concentrations of xanthones. Because the Mango stone fruit is so rich in antioxidants, the consumption of Mango stone is good for: in-and external skin care, heart and blood vessels, for maintaining a clear mind, helps in lowering the cholesterol level, for a Balanced blood sugar levels in training/sport (performance), increases the resistance in the bladder, and protects in aging. The Mango Mangosteen also has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract and contributes to an effective breathing.
Aloe Vera 40mg: good for normal bowel function and promotes internal cleaning. Blood Cleansing. Supports the immune system. Supports the skin's ability to repair. For in-and external skin care, nourishes and protects the skin, softening and moisturizing. Good for the connective tissue in the skin. Good for an irritated skin. Supports weight control, good for slimming.
Lavender (Real) 30mg: Lavender is good for promoting a good natural night's sleep, ensures a good state of mind and helps with fatigue. Lavender relaxes and is a natural resting giver when the odor is inhaled. The essential oil in both the dried and the fresh flower buds ensure this. Lavender is known for its aroma therapeutic effect and is used as an essential oil in inner turmoil. It helps with mental pressure and exertion and gives weak nerves a soothing rest. In addition, it has a soothing effect on the head and promotes sleep readiness. It is also used to care for and soften the skin in insects and jellyfish bites and supports the restoring ability of the skin. Lavender oil purifies The skin and creates a good flora on the skin. Lavender is also used for anti-dandruff action on the scalp and hair. The rosemary acid and the polyphenol in lavender are rich in antioxidants, which protect in aging. Aromatherapy from lavender can help in inner turmoil of patients with dementia.
Acai 40mg: in Brazil, Acai is particularly used for a good homocysteïnegehalte, to maintain a good iron content in the blood, to support the immune system and to support the liver-/galreiniging. Because the Acai-berries are so rich in antioxidants they are good for heart and blood vessels, they promote the (natural) defence system of the body cells, they are good to stay ' at the time ', they are good for the cholesterol level, they protect against Ageing phenomena and ensure a good environment in the bladder.
Acerola 30mg: Vitamin C supports the immune system, keeps the skin elastic and has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract, so that one can breathe more freely. Because Acerola is rich in vitamin C, it supports the treatment of scurvy. Scurvy is caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. Acerola is good to breathe freely through the nose, as supporting the normal blood flow of the eye, as improving the condition of the gums and ensures a good state of mind. Athletes use Acerola to promote endurance. Acerola is good for heart and blood vessels and it keeps blood vessels clean. The fruit is also good for the liver, is good for normal bowel function and helps in absorbing fluid from the intestines. People who suffer from a persistent tickle in the throat, get relief by gargling with the juice.

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