NEW! Stay Vital Now

NEW! With Stay Vital Now you will feel years younger!

Stay Vital Now contains a patented formula of amino acids and other important substances that protect against aging, keep the appearance youthful and increase vitality

No need for injections or dangerous synthetic preparations.

Until recently, the only way to achieve a rejuvenating effect on the body was to inject a synthetic growth hormone (somatropin) by a qualified doctor in an anti-aging clinic. You cannot go to a regular doctor for this. These injections are very expensive and therefore out of reach for most people. With regular injections the costs can amount to more than € 20,000 per year.

How does Stay Vital Now work?

Stay Vital Now contains a patented combination of amino acids, nutrients, peptides and other important supplements that encourage the body to produce more body-specific growth hormones. This has a rejuvenating effect on all body function
In order for your body to fully benefit from the qualities of Stay Vital Now, you must take this supplement for at least 3 months continuously. Stay Vital Now anti aging is specially formulated to combat anti aging, try it yourself and you will be amazed!.Depending on your body condition you will notice the effects of Stay Vital Now faster or slower. Stay Vital Now is not suitable for men or women under 30 years of age. Not because it would be harmful, but because they don't need it yet.

Is Stay Vital Now legal?

In contrast to illegal preparations, Stay Vital Now is a 100% natural food supplement that was developed by a Dutch pharmaceutical company and compiled in collaboration with Global Health Supplements B.V.

Why is Stay Vital Now better than the competition?

This is fairly simple. Stay Vital Now has carefully formulated its formula together with a pharmaceutical company based in the Netherlands, which means that the composition of Stay Vital Now is much better than its competitors. See ingredient list at the bottom of the page and compare. (Click on the picture)

90 capsules per package
Nutritional supplements are no substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Consult your doctor before use in case of doubt, illness or medication.